Scheduled Dates

10/1/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
10/8/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
10/15/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
10/22/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
10/29/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
11/5/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
11/12/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
11/19/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
11/26/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
12/3/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM
12/10/2020   06:30 PM  09:30 PM

An Artist’s History of Collage: Studio Course

Dates: 10/1/2020 to 12/10/2020
Schedule: Th 06:30 PM - 09:30 PM

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Located in : ONLINE, Online
Instructor: Eric Hibit

Regular Student: $690.00


Before collage was “high art”, the art of gluing papers and other
materials was practiced by self-taught makers. Collage has shaped major
art movements of the 20th century (such as Dada, Surrealism, Pop), and a
collage sensibility is evident in contemporary quilting, photography,
painting, and activism (such as the AIDS Memorial Quilt). The history of
collage is like a collage itself: a story made of vastly
different parts, held together by their divergent nature.

In this combined art history / studio course  , weekly image
presentations explore specific movements and artists from the history of
collage. A studio assignment based on the presentation prompts
students to explore related mediums, approaches, and techniques.
Demonstrations on cutting, gluing, and working with water-based paints
inform student’s work and teach how to construct a collage
from scratch. Methods for working with process, composition, and the
basics of design provide pathways for students to define and strengthen
their individual voices.

Assignments are organized sequentially to build up fundamental skills
with collage. Beginning with black and white, students move onto working
with a range of value, and then color. Students produce collages with
found paper, painted paper, and photographic images while exploring
themes of their choice. The course culminates in final projects where
students define interests, hone techniques, and
integrate skills. Critiques build dialogue around student’s work and
foster peer learning. The course is designed for analog work with actual
papers, but students are welcome to work digitally. This course is open
to students at all experience levels, from no prior experience to

Supply list
14" x 11" Bristol pad
 X-acto Knife
 X-acto replacement blades
 11" x 8.5" Cutting mat
 16 oz. matte medium
 Set of fluid acrylic paint
 12” ruler

 Pack of black construction paper

 UHU glue stick
 11 x 14” tracing paper

 Set of flat brushes

 Set of small brushes

Age Range:  18  -  & UP