Scheduled Dates

11/8/2020   11:00 AM  02:00 PM
11/15/2020   11:00 AM  02:00 PM
11/22/2020   11:00 AM  02:00 PM
11/29/2020   11:00 AM  02:00 PM
12/6/2020   11:00 AM  02:00 PM

Reuse, Reconsider & Reimagine: Collage, Drawing & Painting

Dates: 11/8/2020 to 12/6/2020
Schedule: Su 11:00 AM - 02:00 PM

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Located in : ONLINE, Online
Instructor: Josette Urso

Regular Student: $280.00

This online workshop takes a lively, expansive approach to revisiting
and reusing previously abandoned paintings, drawings, color tests,
telephone doodles, to-do lists, and other similar imagery. 


Our goal is to explore the interrelationship between collage, painting
and drawing while stressing the importance of intuition, play and
experiment. Passages recycled from previous artworks will be combined
with other found and newly created images to serve as foundations and
springboards for new projects. 

Explorations will begin simply, becoming progressively more complex
as students push the limits of the materials and their ideas. Work done
in one medium will assist and influence one's vision in another, and the
collaboration between process and concept will encourage the production
of less planned and more unexpected images.

This class is ideal for anyone from the beginner to the more advanced
student who enjoys improvisation and wants to expand their visual
vocabulary and media.

Additional Information

Required Supplies

  • A computer or device with a reliable Internet connection, with Zoom app installed if possible
  • A workspace with your materials ready before the start of class
  • Assorted previously abandoned artworks such as paintings, drawings, color tests, telephone doodles, to-do lists, and other similar imagery
  • Scissors good quality scissors (most important tool!) 
  • Drawing Tools, your choice
  • Painting Tools, your choice
  • Brushes, your choice based on medium 
  • General Purpose Drawing or Watercolor Paper (11 x 14” or larger, medium weight, smooth and white.)
  • Glue, your choice (it is handy to also have an old brush on hand for glue) 
    • possibilities: Jade Adhesive (neutral ph/polyvinyl glue), Glue Stick, SOBO Glue, Gloss or Matte Acrylic Medium (polymer)
  • Paper Towels 
  • 2 water containers
  • White or off-white Drafting or Nichiban Tape 
  • A few sheets of tracing paper, mylar or clear plastic - like heavy ziplock baggies
  • Scrap paper
  • Pencil, sharpener, eraser
  • Magazine from your recycling bin
  • Optional - X-acto knife, ruler and cutting matt or cardboard to protect your table

Age Range:  16  -  & UP