Scheduled Dates

10/17/2020   11:00 AM  03:00 PM
10/24/2020   11:00 AM  03:00 PM
10/31/2020   11:00 AM  03:00 PM
11/7/2020   11:00 AM  03:00 PM
11/14/2020   11:00 AM  03:00 PM
11/21/2020   11:00 AM  03:00 PM

Painting Composition Workshop: Online

Dates: 10/17/2020 to 11/21/2020
Schedule: Sa 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM

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Located in : ONLINE, Online
Instructor: Judith Simonian

Regular Student: $550.00

Composition is the frequently overlooked component in a 2-D artwork that can make or break an otherwise successful painting. This workshop explores spatial principles such as rhythm, balance, unity, focal points, directional movement and more. Learning how to use these principles gives you a powerful tool that can keep the viewer interested in looking at your artwork or look away in boredom or confusion. 


The class will be conducted on Zoom with no more than 16 participants to allow for one on one feedback. Through painting projects (in the medium of your choice), students will become aware of how the placement, size and distribution of shapes, colors, lines can effectively direct the movement through the pictorial space. They will recognize areas of high and low value contrast, contour continuation and perspective lines and how they can direct the eye. Extensive analysis of important paintings by Vermeer and Munch, and contemporary artists such as Angela Dufresne, Kerry James Marshall, Dana Schutz will help clarify these elusive concepts. We will see how the camera informed the compositions of Degas and Bonnard. 


New painting projects will be introduced each day as well as several methods for preparing your own compositional maps and sketches  Smart phones, digital cameras, as well as paper cropping guides are valuable tools we will use in the class to clarify the strength and weakness of your own composition. 


This class is designed for a student at any level who has some experience in the paint medium they chose to work in. Students should bring several examples of their own work to first class and all the supplies listed on supply list.  Have your painting area ready for each class.


Additional Information

This class will be conducted online with ZOOM so a computer or device with reliable internet connection and Zoom app installed is necessary.

Required Materials

  • Set of Paints–your choice–watercolor, gouache or acrylic. Whatever colors you have on hand–include plenty of white–discussion of colors for complete palette will be discussed on first day
  • Palette  
    • Pad of Disposable paper palettes (for Acrylics or Gouache)
    • Metal, plastic (for water color or gouache)
  • Brushes–your choice plus one inexpensive large flat brush at least 2” wide
  • Water containers (3)
  • Rags or paper towels
  • Small drawing pad about 12”x15” or smaller (NOT newsprint)
  • 2 Sheet of Arches Water Color Paper (or other good quality paint paper) 140# 22”x30” hot press (smoothest), cold press (more “tooth” or texture)
  • Ruler
  • picture framing paper mat or white lightweight cardboard mounting board (Staples has this)
  • mat knife or exacto blade and surface to cut on (e.g. heavy cardboard)
  • vine stick and compressed charcoal
  • Photographs - Black and White, color (5 or more ) of something you want to paint
  • Color wheel

Age Range:  18  -  & UP