Principles of Typeface Design


Are you a graphic designer looking to expand your type skills, or just fancied the idea of making your own typeface?

Let’s take this opportunity to hunker down and learn the principles of
typeface design from sketch to digitization. Troy will take you through
the type design process step-by-step over ten weeks in our 3-hour online
interactive group sessions and one-on-one reviews limited to sixteen
students only. You’ll be introduced to different contrast models, idea
generation techniques, sketching methods, and how to use a font editor*
to professionally draw and space your font.

Beginners with a knowledge of Bézier drawing tools are welcome, as are
more experienced participants, and those interested in developing their
portfolio for application to further type design studies. We recommend
allocating an additional 3 hours of project time per week to gain the
most from your experience.

    Required Materials

  • 1 x Higgins Eternal Ink (Item 108)
  • 1 x Nikko G Nib (Item N113)
  • 1 x Brause Calligraphy Nib (Item N02) OR Brause Left-hand Nib (Item N06)
  • 1 x Speedball Plastic Pen Holder (Item H69)
  • 1 x Borden & Riley Paris Paper for Pens 9 x 12 (Item P40)
  • above items available here
  • 1 x Sharpie 32001 Twin-Tip black
  • 1 x Bic Wite-out Shake’n Squeeze Correction Pen
  • Mac OS X 10.10+
  • Adobe InDesign
  • A free 1-year student license for RoboFont will be made available to all participants
  • Zoom Video Conferencing app
  • Slack app (an invitation to the class group will be sent to you)
  • access to a B&W laser printer is recommended for printing work sheets and templates

This class will be held online. Class size will be limited to 16
student to insure plenty of one on one feedback during the course.

Registration for this class will open on September 8 for the public if there are places available. Please join the mailing list for updates and reminders about classes, workshops, and free lectures.

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