Basic Collage


Basic Collage provides inexperienced students with tools and techniques to approach and explore the medium. Fundamentals of acrylic paints and mediums, adhesives, drawing materials, papers, light collage materials such as fabric and cardboard are introduced. Strategies to begin a collage with drawing, tracing, and photography and the basic elements of art (color, value, line, shape, pattern, and texture) are explored; as well as how these elements synthesize to create visual experience. In-class demonstrations will cover cutting and gluing techniques, inkjet and Xerox transfer with acrylic mediums, and methods for combining collage with various materials. The instructor advises students individually on the technical and conceptual development of their work. Student work is supported with weekly presentations on the history of collage and its diverse manifestations throughout 20th century art. Online gallery tours will be used to introduce the works of contemporary 21st century collage artists.


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