Introduction to Painting w/Water Based Media: Watercolor, Acrylic, and Gouache Workshop


This six-day workshop enables student of all levels who love to paint an opportunity to become familiar with the three most popular water media: watercolor, acrylic, and gouache. Through a step by step approach consisting of demonstrations, guided exercises and painting assignments you will become familiar with the unique characteristics, advantages and limitations of each medium so you can make informed choices between them. Students will learn about: impasto, building layers, creating texture, use of mediums, blending colors and glazing with acrylic, transparency, washes, wet-into-wet, dry brush and controlling hard and soft edges with watercolor, and opacity, color blending and use of flat pure color of gouache. Students will learn which surfaces and brushes are best for each medium, the relative permanence of each, when and how they might be combined for special effects and their suitability for use in different situations. While it is an introductory class, more advanced students will be challenged at their level and encouraged to go beyond. Please bring $20 materials fee, payable to the instructor to the first class.

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