Augment My Type


What does it mean to set type in a 3D space? How do you animate letters
in augmented reality (AR)? Do you need to know how to code? (the answer
is mostly no). Come design, publish, and share an original AR
typographic experience with us! .

Augment My Type will introduce you to the basics of AR and survey the
various creation tools available for spatial design. This workshop is
great for designers, art directors, and type enthusiasts of all levels
(no AfterEffects or coding experience necessary) who want to explore
when and how to augment type. You will leave with a solid understanding
of how to bring AR into your practice and some fun new skills in your
typographic toolkit!

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18 - &up Sofie Hodara 11/14 - 11/15 Sa Su 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM $485.00 View