Hand Lettering


In this 10-week course, students will be immersed in learning the art
and craft of lettering. The class will establish the foundations of
making well-considered letterforms through learning the history,
anatomy, and logic of letterforms.

This course will start by introducing students to broad-edged pen
calligraphy using the Carolingian minuscule model as a starting point.
These highly legible and relatively simple forms are significant in the
history of writing because they were the inspiration for the Humanistic
hand, which in turn was the model for early printed Roman types. Basic
principles of ductus, letter spacing, stroke modulation and harmonious
letterforms will be the focus of this study.

Typographic and found lettering models will be used as a jumping off
point for the creation of individual lettering pieces. Students will be
encouraged and guided to do research and collect compelling examples to
analyze and reference.

Weekly exercises exploring possible design directions will give students
a wide range of letter shapes and alphabet styles from which to work.

Finally, lettering composition and layout fundamentals provide students
with a well-rounded skill set to embark on projects of their own

There will be lectures and handouts that cover a variety of related
topics, from historical and contemporary context to practical tips for
creating finished pieces. While the majority of the course will be
devoted to techniques for lettering by hand, digitized lettering
techniques will also be covered and students may opt to produce final
projects in digital form.

This course is open to students with all levels of experience and a passion for letters.

Required Materials

  • #2 Pencil and sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Masking or artists’ tape
  • Pad of 9” x 12” Tracing paper
  • Pad of 9” x 12” Layout bond
  • Black Zig Memory System Calligraphy Markers (5 mm & 2 mm)
  • A range of sizes of black markers from .05 micron to fine sharpie
  • Optionally: laptop with Adobe Illustrator installed

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