Greek and Cyrillic Extension to Latin Type Families


Students expand the character set of their Latin typeface families created in the [email protected]
program or independently by adding language support for Greek and
Cyrillic. Commonatlities as well as differences between the individual
scripts will be examined carefully and students will learn to draw
characters that will fit the existing typeface while doing justice to
the expectations of different writing systems, languages and cultures.
Students may work in the font editor of their choice, but instruction
will be given using Robofont.

Required Materials

  • Various sizes of black markers
  • white out pen
  • sketching paper
  • Mac laptop

Students must have a fairly well developed type family in order to participate in this course. If you are not a graduate of [email protected],
please write to verify that the course will be appropriate for your
level of experience. Be prepared to arrive the first week with printed
proofs and the materials below.

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