Found Lettering: How to Discover Inspiration Anywhere


Lettering artists can devise new styles and broaden creative skills,
simply by observing examples found in their everyday surroundings —from
neon signs and car emblems, to album covers and book jackets. This
simple yet effective technique for generating new work is achieved by
expanding on clues found in existing letterforms. Examining patterns in
familiar specimens, participants will learn how to identify and decode
the basic systems underlying all well-made lettering. Students will then
adapt those elements to their hand-drawn logos and wordmarks. Not only
does this approach provide a method for retracing the decision-making of
other artists, but it gives letterers a fresh perspective on their own

Detailed presentations, instructional drawing demonstrations,
skill-building exercises, and one-on-one discussions will further assist
workshop attendees as they gain a practical understanding for producing
inspired lettering in a variety of design settings.

Required Materials

  • No.2 pencils (conventional or mechanical)
  • pencil sharpener (if applicable)
  • eraser
  • pad of tracing paper (9″×12″ pad is recommended)
  • pad of quadrille 4×4 grid/graph paper (9″×12″ pad is recommended)
  • 12 inch ruler
  • Sharpie® Fine and Extra Fine markers
  • white-out correction fluid pen
  • adhesive tape for posting sketches

Please note that the material in this workshop was included in
the instructor’s four-day class, Lettering Tricks and Techniques,
conducted at The Cooper Union in June, 2019.

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