Choosing the Right Typeface


With so many fonts available today, it can be overwhelming,
time-consuming and confusing to find the right typeface. It's important
that designers have the skills to critically evaluate a typeface's
appropriateness and it’s performance in different contexts. Besides
aesthetics and specific usages, designers must often consider language
support, legibility, financing and logistics when choosing fonts.

Through a series of lectures, discussions and exercises students learn
to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of fonts. They'll learn about
how technology and culture has changed the way we interact with fonts.
With an understanding of today's best practices, students will gain
confidence to make better informed decisions.

Students should come with a basic understanding of graphic design
concepts and competency in Adobe InDesign. Working experience as a
graphic designer is useful but not essential to benefit from this

Required Materials

  • Computer with Adobe Creative Cloud installed
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Zoom app

This class will be held online. Class size is limited to 16 to allow for individual feedback.

Registration for this class will open on September 8 for the public if there are places available.

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