Movable Type: Animation for Typographers Section Two


Motion is everywhere these days, and is an increasingly important part
of any designer’s toolkit. And yet learning the time-based software and
fundamental principles of animation can be intimidating to designers
whose experience is primarily in static disciplines.

This 10-week course was created to take the mystery out of motion, and
make learning Adobe After Effects as fun as humanly possible. Through a
series of in-depth video lessons, in-class lectures, hands-on projects,
critiques, and classroom discussions, you will learn techniques and
approaches for making static compositions come to life, as well as
understand the powerful links between Photoshop and Illustrator with
After Effects. As part of the classwork, we will also talk about the
complex history of motion design, as well as check out some of the most
amazing work by the best contemporary studios and individuals in the
field today.

You’ll leave with a generous foundation in a genuinely fun discipline, a
greater ability to view and discuss animation, and a new enthusiasm to
bring your own design work to life.

    Required Materials

  • A computer or laptop with Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop CC 2015 or later
  • An mp3/WAV of a favorite pop song (with lyrics)
  • Headphones
  • A vector-based drawing of a logo (original or existing)
  • A reliable internet connection

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