Principles of Typeface Design: Display Type


Typeface design is hitting the mainstream! Whether you’re a graphic designer or a budding type designer, this class will help you step up your type game, get out of your comfort zone, and even level up before a masters program. 


Through an emphasis on sketching methods and design strategies, you’ll learn to make letterforms and produce fonts that speak for themselves (we are talking about display type, after all). Participants will do research to develop their own design brief, practice rigorously through weekly drawing exercises, and hone their personal discipline and craftsmanship. Your willingness to play and experiment is essential—display type is serious fun!


This class will cover the basics of drawing letterforms by hand and digitally using Bézier curves in order to design coherent systems and develop your own typographic language. We can push the boundaries of legibility to make the wildest typeface of your dreams, or create an elegant and expressive design to fit a personal or branding project. Let’s display your talents.

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