A Survey of Printing Types in Europe, 1440 to 1820


The development of a practical method for reproducing texts is probably the most important development of mankind for millenia. Key to that process is printing type. The evolution of typefaces from copies of manuscript calligraphy to sophisticated examples of the punchcutter’s craft is key to what we see in type today. This class will survey the major movements in the history of type design from Gutenberg to Bodoni.


This class is essentially a heavily illustrated lecture format. Using a comprehensive archive of images and primary examples of printing from metal type, we will become familiar with how type evolved from its earliest days through the major changes of the sixteenth- through eighteenth-centuries, ending with the neo-classical movement of the early nineteenth century. Students will get a firm grounding from they will develop an understanding of the basis of many of the type styles in use today


Today, the overwhelming majority of typefaces in use are in some historical style, from Venetian romans (Adobe Jenson, Centaur) to Neo-classical moderns (Didot, Bodoni), with everything in between still used very frequently (Garamond, Bell, Baskerville). Therefore, this course should prove valuable to anyone who works with type, from font designers and manufacturers to graphic designers and anyone involved with computer typography. 


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• Reliable internet connection

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