Design for Change: Architects of modernity and their contemporary resonance


A series of eight individual lectures on architects who sought to reform
architecture radically for their time in ways that are still – or again
– resonant today.  The lecture course will cover a large sweep of time
from the 1770s to the 1980s; but unlike a traditional historical survey
course there is no attempt to sketch a narrative line of development.
 Rather each lecture will be a deep dive into a key issue from the long
development of modern architecture since the 18th century accessed
through the lens of a designer committed to tackling a larger issue for
spatial design which might radiate reform through the society of the
time.  The episodes are chosen not only for their historical importance,
but because they mirror many of the key issues such as health, ecology,
public space, policing, the right to housing….  Each lecture will
situate key architectural designs – both built works and influential
unbuilt projects or ideal projections – in the political, social and
economic context of its own historical moment as well as developing an
analysis of the stakes of the designer’s work.  Lectures will last
approximately one hour with a chance for students to remain on line
afterwards for questions and answers and discussion.  It is expected
that some of these questions will begin to tie together what is learned
across the series.  No prior knowledge of architectural history is
necessary, although some familiarity with architectural terms is
helpful.  Although each lecture is focused on an individual name, the
aim is to plunge students into an understanding of issues that were
vigorously debated at a moment in the past and which will often sound
contemporary to the issues 21st century societies are grappling with.
 Numerous other actors and designs will feature in each lecture
alongside those of the named key figure. 


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