Scheduled Dates

7/13/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/14/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/15/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/20/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/21/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/22/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/27/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/28/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/29/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
8/3/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
8/4/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
8/5/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM

This event has ended and is no longer available for new enrollments.

Drawing Section B

Dates: 7/13/2020 to 8/5/2020
Schedule: Mo Tu We 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM

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Located in : ONLINE, Online
Instructor: Tunji AdeniyiJones

Regular Student: $1,536.00

This course will focus on the development of fundamental drawing skills. Drawing is the foundation of all visual art be it painting, sculpture or design. Therefore, the aim is to provide students with the proper tools, rhythms and routines to develop their own unique drawing style and language, that can then be taken on and applied to future creative pursuits. This will include observational drawing, anatomical drawing and perspectival drawing, all from still life and additional visual references. Students will also be introduced to individual and group critiques.


Students should expect to finish this course with an understanding of how to convincingly draw an object in space with or without a visual prompt. No prior experience with drawing is required, students from all drawing backgrounds are encouraged to enroll.


Materials List

Grade Range: 9 - 13

Age Range:  15  -  18


Class not yet open to registrations