Scheduled Dates

7/14/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/15/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/16/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/21/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/22/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/23/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/28/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/29/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
7/30/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
8/4/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
8/5/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM
8/6/2020   02:00 PM  06:00 PM

This event has ended and is no longer available for new enrollments.

5 Projects

Dates: 7/14/2020 to 8/6/2020
Schedule: Tu We Th 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM

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Located in : ONLINE, Online
Instructor: Pablo Diaz

Regular Student: $1,536.00

This is a class designed for students of all levels to approach controlled mark making through the use of printing techniques and homemade drawing tools. Working primarily with pencil, ink and paper, students will engage in an extensive drawing practice to generate visual content inspired by familiar objects in an intimate setting. We will use the home space as a catalyst for creativity. Working through prompts, students will be challenged to find creative approaches to visual problems. These will involve techniques like stamp block printing, frottage (aka rubbings), stenciling and collage. Working in various book formats, students will have the opportunity to work sequentially and learn about how changing the format, presentation and delivery of their work can affect the viewer’s engagement and perception.


The five projects will be a zine, the kinetic human figure, home inventory, remaking the sketchbook, “superstructures”.


Being an online course, there is the great opportunity to provide extensive advice on how to set up a workspace at home. This will require a table surface and wall space that can be maintained throughout the duration of the program. Additionally, students will be required to learn how to properly document their artwork. This will facilitate class presentations and provide excellent preparation for documenting work for college applications portfolio.


The structure of this course will be a combination of hands-on demonstrations of techniques using Zoom video chat, as well as written prompts, followed by students working independently. The instructor and teaching assistant will be available throughout class hours for questions and feedback. Each class will end with a group meeting and homework assignment. Class discussions will include student work critiques, assigned readings and exposure to contemporary art issues.


Materials List

Grade Range: 9 - 12

Age Range:  15  -  18


Class not yet open to registrations